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Welcome to MultiCASE Inc, the leading provider of  artificial intelligence based  software, expert systems and in-silico consulting services for the Regulatory agencies, Academia, Chemical and  Pharmaceutical Industries

Our Mission

We develop and license computer programs designed to help the user to assess the various properties of chemical entities, including environmental, chemical, safety, potential adverse effects and metabolic properties. We also offer consulting services related to these issues as required for REACH submissions.

Company Profile

MultiCASE Inc. is a Software company started in Cleveland Ohio in 1996. The principals are Gilles Klopman, the Charles F. Mabery Professor of Chemistry at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), Roustem D Saiakhov and Suman Chakravarti. Its business is to develop and license programs for use by regulatory agencies, academia institutions, chemical and pharmaceutical companies to design new useful chemical entities and to evaluate their adverse effects and environmental impact  at an early stage of development.  The data for many of our expert systems have been developed by the US Food and Drug Administration CDER office and is used by many government regulatory agencies such as US, Canadian, Japan, Danish and the OECD in conjunction with the REACH program..

Latest News


March 11, 2013. MultiCASE Inc will be present at ToxExpo 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona (March 24-27, 2014). Please come and see us at the booth 654, as well as our posters 440k, 440i, 2265. We we also host a session "In-Silico Assessment of Genotoxic Impurities According to the ICH M7 Guidelines. recommendations and test studies" on March 24 at 11:45, Room 101A West.


bulletOctober 7, 2013. MultiCASE Inc will be present at ACT 2013 in San-Antonio, Texas (November 3-6, 2013). Please come and see us at the booth 511.
bulletSeptember 15, 2013. MultiCASE Inc will be present at GTA 2013 in Delaware, (October 16-17, 2013). Please come and see our poster.
bulletAugust 30, 2013. MultiCASE Inc will be present at EuroTox 2013 in Interlaken, Switzerland (September 1-4, 2013). please come and see our poster P05-01
bulletFebruary 7, 2013. MultiCASE Inc will be present at ToxExpo 2013 in San-Antonio, Texas (March 10-13, 2013). Please come and see us at the booth 926.
bulletFebruary 6, 2013. MultiCASE Inc has developed a recommendations for testing impurities, compatible with ICH M7 Step 2 guidelines.
bulletJanuary 31, 2013. MultiCASE Inc will participate in 6th  Annual Genotoxic Impurities Conference held on 19-20 of June 2013 in Berlin, Germany
bulletJanuary 29, 2013. A new paper "Effectiveness of CASE Ultra Expert System in Evaluating Adverse Effects of Drugs." has been published.
bulletJanuary 22, 2013. CASE Ultra - version a new generation of MultiCASE Inc products has been officially released.
bulletJanuary 1, 2013. MC4PC, CASETOX and ToxLite products are discontinued for sales. A new generation CASE Ultra should be considered instead.

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MultiCASE MC4PC-based computational toxicology estimations are intended to be used as part of a weight of evidence approach for hazard and risk assessment that includes laboratory experimental data. Computational toxicology predictions are not intended as a substitute for appropriate animal or clinical studies. Results obtained with certain MC4PC software modules should be regarded as preliminary and subject to change.