About MultiCASE Inc.

MultiCASE Inc. is a pioneer in developing software for assessing toxicological and pharmacological potential of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Research and development is central to us in developing innovative QSAR methodologies and software solutions. The company has maintained strong academic ties in the areas of computational, medicinal, and environmental chemistry.


MultiCASE Inc. is a USA-based company founded in 1996 by Dr. Gilles Klopman, then a professor of theoretical chemistry at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland.


Our products include CASE Ultra expert system for toxicity and bio-activity prediction and Meta Ultra for metabolite structure prediction.

Our Customers

Our customers are regulatory and government agencies, pharmaceutical companies from all over the world, chemical companies, academic institutions and non-profit organizations. We have a history of collaborative research with US FDA CDER, CFSAN, and other regulatory agencies.


Prof. Gilles Klopman

Theoretical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry.
Few lines about Dr. Klopman

Dr. Roustem Saiakhov

Organic Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, QSAR, Computational Toxicology, Database, Data Mining, Regulatory Affairs.

Dr. Suman Chakravarti

Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer
Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Cheminformatics, Programming.