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MultiCASE QSAR modeling software is used across a variety of industries to aid in chemical safety evaluation.


Pharmaceutical Impurities

Carcinogenic Potency

Nitrosamine Evaluation

Drug Discovery

Early Stage De-Risking

Industry Solutions

Regulatory Application Review

Evaluate and interpret the vast quantities of toxicological data submitted for marketing applications.​

Drug Discovery and Pre-Clinical

Accelerate your R&D process by identifying potential compound liabilities and gaining insights into experimental outcomes.​

Drug Development and Post-Market Safety

Evaluate pharmaceutical impurities and N-nitrosamines in accordance with ICH M7 guidance 

Academics and Research

Accelerate your research process by identifying potential compound liabilities sooner and assisting with the interpretation of experimental data.​

Medical Devices

Evaluate the toxicity of extractables and leachables for a variety of endpoints such as skin sensitization, eye irritation, and more.​

Industrial Chemicals

Evaluate and interpret data for endpoints like ecotoxicity and biodegradation. Avoid unnecessary animal testing for REACH.​


Evaluate ingredients in cosmetics and fragrances for a variety of endpoints such as skin sensitization, eye irritation, and inhalation toxicity.​

Tobacco and E-Cigarettes

Evaluate ingredients in vapes and e-cigarettes for carcinogenicity and inhalation toxicity.​

Food Additives and Flavorings

Evaluate and interpret the toxicological data for compounds included in food additives and flavorings.

Global Support

We work with established and dependable distribution partners in the following regions to support our global user base:

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