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2023, Publication

Confidence score calculation for the carcinogenic potency categorization approach (CPCA) predictions for N-nitrosamines

29 Dec 2023

We present a method for computing confidence in the Carcinogenic Potency Categorization Approach (CPCA) based predictions...

2023, Collaboration

Developing YosAI, an AI Genotoxicity Prediction System from Eisai

15 Nov 2023

YosAI is an AI genotoxicity prediction system which integrates commercially available in silico genotoxicity prediction software...

2023, CASE Ultra, Collaboration, Publication

Evaluation of QSAR models for predicting mutagenicity: outcome of the Second Ames/QSAR international challenge project

13 Nov 2023

To promote superior model development, the Division of Genetics and Mutagenesis, National Institute of Health Sciences,...

2023, Publication, QSAR Flex

Fast and Efficient Implementation of Computational Toxicology Solutions Using the FlexFilters Platform

18 Aug 2023

To address static and rigid nature of the current computational toxicology software and aim toward flexible...