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2023, QSAR Flex, Webinar

Exploring the CPCA Framework: Defining Acceptable Intake for NDSRIs

9 Jan 2024

Discover the latest advancements in establishing acceptable intake limits for NDSRIs through the innovative Carcinogenic Potency...

2023, CASE Ultra, Webinar

QSAR Models for Endocrine Disruption

1 Aug 2023

MultiCASE's Mounika Girireddy explores the cutting-edge world of QSAR models tailored for assessing endocrine disruption potential...

2023, QSAR Flex, Webinar

Carcinogenicity Assessment of Nitrosamines: Current Status

19 Jul 2023

Dr. Suman Chakravarti from MultiCASE unveils the latest updates to nitrosamine classification in alignment with the...

2022, CASE Ultra, Webinar

Application of (Q)SAR and Expert Knowledge for ICH M7 Impurity Classification

12 Mar 2022

Dr. Naomi Kruhlak provides a comprehensive overview of (Q)SAR methodologies used to determine ICH M7 Classification...